Inspiration & Instagram

Colour Nature Texture Inspiration Instagram
I've not been on Instagram too long but what a great way of quickly capturing elements and visual references that could be used to create work or just inspire you.  Still getting used to my new camera my daughters and partner treated me to.  Just found out you can do a screenshot which I will probably forget how I did it as quickly as I found out. Sigh.  More Instagram inspiration to follow ....

NEW Pretty Paisley Watercolour Pattern

Pretty Paisley Pattern Featuring New iPhone6 Cover on zazzle
Feel the need for something pretty and summery?  Some new summer patterns/illustrations now available on zazzle - I thought it might be helpful to show the pattern with the product...... what do you think folks?  Does it help?

Floral Lace Mood Board

Floral Lace Lingerie Moodboard
One of the first things I complete when I start working on a fashion or textile project.  Mood boards or trend boards can be really helpful to set the scene, focus your mind and give the client a visual idea of where you are thinking of going with your designs.  I'm also given mood boards to work from and can be a blessing when a client from PeoplePerHour, for example, struggles to describe what they are looking for.

Watercolour Faux Fur Patterns

No animal was harmed in the making of the faux fur patterns.
Had fun with watercolour and an animal theme with this set.  Always popular and great to know that no animal was harmed in the creation of these!  Time to sort out my silk patterns and get them out there to be sold.  I was thinking of different ways makers or customers could use these as they are all approx A1 in size.  It's always exciting to get the package back from Glasgow School of Art (where my work ends up on silk).  So I'll carry on grouping them, taking some photos and then letting them go!  They are also available as accessories such as iPhone covers on zazzle

Scale & Paisley Heart Pattern

Something I always struggle with once I've drawn up my idea, scanned it and started to repeat it, is what scale should it be?  For me, I usually end up printing it out just to confirm that I've got it at the scale I want - it's so easy to get it wrong just using your screen as a measurement.  I'm lucky to have a bigger screen to work on as some of my designs are full scale king size duvet designs.  I think it helped my last client as she was judging pattern size and lettering on her screen until I suggested doing a print out at home on her printer and it worked.  This play with scale is a heart shaped floral pattern I created as part of a paisley set for some new zazzle products.