Top Sellers on Society 6

Paris Icons iPhone Case
Vintage Ogee Throw Pillow
Bunnies & Carrots Mug
What an eclectic mix on Society6!  Much more diverse than Zazzle, but it's early days yet and it will be interesting to review both shops after Christmas.  Who'd have thought and a huge thank you for the mix of products bought by all you lovely customers!

Naoko Yamaji

Naoko Yamaji is an illustrator from Japan who creates lovely paper puppets and collages - love the fresh open energy that she gives to her work.

New Red Road Studio Textile Prints

Aqua Blue Damask Range

Cottage Garden Range
Delighted to get my fabric samples back - I get them printed at Glasgow School of Art and they do a fantastic job.  Each sample is approximately A1 in size in gorgeous silk.  They'll be a lot of photography going on over the next few weeks to sell these babes! But for now I'm putting them on Instagram.

Top Sellers On Zazzle

Boho Daisy iPhone 6 Cover
Vintage Paisley iPhone 6 Cover
Food From Scotland Illustration Postcard
Just been on Zazzle for a few months and busy building up lots of accessories and art prints to sell, especially with Christmas coming up. so I was curious to see what is selling and why.  I'm still working on the why ................... but a huge thank you to all my lovely customers!

Inspiration Trip : Contrasts of Aberdour

Beach find - Silver Sands

Secret location Aberdour funghi

Autumn trees surrounding the beach
Aberdour Beach
Had a few days around Scotland to refresh and revive.  We've been so lucky with the weather - these were taken last week before we went to Inverness.  Aberdour has such a contrast of features - the beach, the park, the harbour and the wee village - autumn just seems to add to it.  Feeling all excited about my new commission!