Strawberry Pattern by redroadstudio

Vintage Strawberry Pattern
A blast from the past!  My hand painted strawberry pattern getting tidied up before it goes on to zazzle as accessories and gifts.  I always think of strawberry teas in a summer garden when I work with them.  Let's hop we get one ....... a summer I mean.

'Wabi Sabi' redroadstudio Mood Board

Using more of an art based theme to this moodboard and mixing it with my other love of typography.  "I saw galaxies in your eyes"

mood board 'wabi sabi'

WABI SABI by 'redroadstudio'
There is something about worn, deconstructed, aged, textured materials that can be quite beautiful - I've created a couple of moodboards based on this theme.  The Japanese call it 'Wabi Sabi'.

Men's Fashion Brand & Logo

People Per Hour
Lovely working on ideas for menswear as I've only completed 2 projects for them.  One was for Russia and this 'Internal' project was for the UK featuring ink tattoo, skull and typography elements.  All quite different for me so it was something I really enjoyed.

Pattern Patchwork By redroadstudio

Pattern Patchwork by redroadstudio
In between waiting for client feedback I thought I would pull a few of my patterns together to create an eclectic mix from geometric to floral and watercolour animal skin to illustration with a bit of mixed media on the side.