Sometimes just changing a few accessories in your lounge or living room can make such a difference. I'm really enjoying designing these new throw pillows (or is it throw cushions?) for zazzle. It's great being able to go from a geometric cushion to a soft floral pillow pattern.

Pen & Ink Exhibition : Kirkcaldy

Open Tuesday to Saturdays
Some of my work is available for sale till Christmas at the Expression Art Studios, High Street, Kirkcaldy.  I'm also donating 50% from my 'select & donate' section (bottom left of this picture) to the NSPCC Scotland.   Just pop along - if you like anything, please select and donate what you think.

Top 10 Pins on Pinterest (Part 2)

Atelier Versace
Georgio Armani 
Link to illustration
Link to illustration
Grant Cowan

How interesting - the Top 10 on my Pinterest at the moment are all fashion illustrations with over 2,500 pins over the last month WOW!  It will be interesting to view this again at the start of 2015 just out of curiosity.

House Art

From Architecture & Design
I want to be doing this when I'm getting on a bit!

Top 10 Pins on Pinterest (Part 1)

Myrtle Quillamor #1
Kimberly Robello #2
Silver Ridge Studio
Katherine Asher
Illustrator unknown
So my 'Art of Fashion' board has been storming round Pinterest this month with the top 5 almost reaching 1,000 re-pins!  Fantastic!  It always surprises me what goes viral from my boards but it's really interesting to find out.  If you happen to know who the illustrator for number 5 is - that would be great!  Part deux later!