14 July 2016

Paris : City of Love

Paris City of Love Poster

Suddenly something becomes really popular like my Paris poster on zazzle and I don't know why. It's lovely to see people wanting to buy it and I just wonder if it's been highlighted somewhere. Must see if I can find out.

12 July 2016


A much calmer geometric creation in soft muted colours.  It's simply called 'geometric squares' and is the last in the series heading to 'zazzle'

7 July 2016

Paris Shopping Trip Pattern

Following a shopping trip and break to Paris I took the drawings I'd been working on in my sketchbook - from designer shoes and bags to French cars from passport to sunglasses and created this fun kitsch conversational pattern.  Vive La Paris!  Another version made its way to Society6 in all manor of accessories and prints.

5 July 2016


This is moving in front of me!  Number four of my new geometric range and requiring me to take 2 tablets before I go giddy LOL!  Understandably called 'optical dots' and will be making its presence noted in 'zazzle' ASAP.

28 June 2016


Third in the series of five - 'navy octangle' and still enjoying the balance and repetition of creating a geometric pattern.  I'm sure there are quicker ways of creating them but I still use old school fine line pens, square paper and the obligatory ruler.  Soon to be seen in 'zazzle'