21 June 2016


Geometric pattern nos 2 - 'modern ogee' and busy working the pattern on to new products so will be available soon on 'zazzle'

14 June 2016


I'll be showing you some of my new geometric patterns which I don't often get the chance to work on so have enjoyed creating.  I'm also working with a specific colour palette to tie them together as a range.  Once I've finished them I'll be able to show you them on some new products.  This one is called 'zig zag lines'

3 June 2016

No Bag Limit On Happiness : Tote Bags

Back & White Tote Bags on Redbubble
I've just heard the expression "there is no bag limit on happiness' and thought I'd use it to highlight some of my classic tote bags perfect for summer on Redbubble.

I've featured - Honey BeesBlack & White Ikat and 'Old School' Tattoos 

26 May 2016

new mermaid with tattoos t-shirt

My thought turned to summer when I was working on this alluring mermaid with the 'come hither' look.  Just wishing our summer here in Scotland would last longer than 2 days!  I've created this homage to old school tattoos for men and women so you can feel in a summer mood.  You can also choose your own t-shirt colour.