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Boho Daisy iPhone 6 Cover
Vintage Paisley iPhone 6 Cover
Food From Scotland Illustration Postcard
Just been on Zazzle for a few months and busy building up lots of accessories and art prints to sell, especially with Christmas coming up. so I was curious to see what is selling and why.  I'm still working on the why ................... but a huge thank you to all my lovely customers!

Inspiration Trip : Contrasts of Aberdour

Beach find - Silver Sands

Secret location Aberdour funghi

Autumn trees surrounding the beach
Aberdour Beach
Had a few days around Scotland to refresh and revive.  We've been so lucky with the weather - these were taken last week before we went to Inverness.  Aberdour has such a contrast of features - the beach, the park, the harbour and the wee village - autumn just seems to add to it.  Feeling all excited about my new commission!

Trip To Inverness

Link to Mike's Blog
It's wearing well, considering the Inverness weather!  Mike describes the commission as the Crown Road Wall Installation - a visual narrative exploring Scottish beliefs systems and highland myths. This 65 metre long and 5 metre high wall based narrative took the better part of 1 year to complete from initial conversations through research trips to the artworks creation and finally installation in Inverness city centre. many people, many conversations, many cups of coffee and a few pints of highland honey ale went into the creation this work commissioned by Inverness Old Town Art and funded by Highland Council.   Great piece of work and glad I managed to find it this time!

African Wax Print

Blue African Wax 

Cards & Accessories
A really interesting commission's been happening and am really enjoying working on it.  I studied batik at art school so knew I would get my teeth into it.  African Wax Prints tell stories of relevance to the wearer, such as proverbs, poems and traditional African fables. The colours also hold significance as they can represent social standing, age, tribal orientation and marital status. This design is based on a Nigerian proverb - "However far the stream flows, it never forgets its source."