Indian Horse

Just a wee update on my Indian Horse drawing - not sure whether I like the colour in it so I might do a few more and decide how to develop them later.  I was considering elements for a new surface print theme for the shop.

New Work - New Studio

Indian Horse
The studio is almost there - just needs to feel a bit more lived in.  No inspiration on the walls but that will develop and grow.  Started working on an Indian Toy Horse I bought with the idea of creating a body of work from this so we'll see how it goes.  I forgot to check if the fine line pen bled before I started as I want to add colour .... ooops.

The fabric horse is made from remnants of mirror fabric  and I've found a wee bit about the material before it became the Indian Horse I have now.

WOODFOOD : Claire Thomson

Loved seeing Claire Thomson's new work.  The new range is called 'WOODFOOD'.  A furniture design graduate from ECA, Claire lectures in furniture design at Fife College.

I'll let her describe them "A delicious range of hard wood cakes that are also sweet and simple storage boxes.  All inspired by your most favourite cakes.  My 'WOODFOOD' cakes are made using recycled hardwoods such as American Walnut, Ash, Maple and Cherry"  

I say - the perfect wedding gift or present for your loved one and not a calorie in sight.  

Pear Tree in Belfast

I noticed a pear tree in Ian's neighbour's garden full of pears almost ready to pick but I found out the neighbours don't pick them!  Might have to go and knock on their door.