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Urban Drawing
You can never predict what will go viral on Pinterest and it always surprises me what does.  This week the 3 most popular boards and pins were from my Pattern Board, my Urban Drawing Board and my Packaging Board.  I don't think I'll ever get used to how or why it happens but I appreciate every follower and repin!  So thank you!!!

Gemma Anderson

Potraits: Patients and Pyschiatrists'
Potraits: Patients and Pyschiatrists'

Potraits: Patients and Pyschiatrists'
Quote from Gemma's website  "Portraits: Patients and Psychiatrists’ is unique in Art History as the first series of portraits to mix psychiatrists and psychiatric patients indiscriminately in one collection (Jordanova, Schupbach 2010). These portraits could not have been made a hundred years ago at the Bethlem Royal Hospital but since then psychiatric knowledge and practice have advanced........

At the centre of each portrait is a face. Around that point, a world of objects floats, sprouts, jostles, plays hide-and-seek. Mushrooms form an acrobatic tower to peer over one subject’s shoulder; a seahorse nestles inside the belly of a dogfish, like a foetus, a treble clef, the f-hole of a violin - nature’s ampersand. These objects repeat and then transform, cells become scales become butterfly wings become pills; veins become nerves become muscle fibre become wrinkles. Natures patterns find a deep echo in the artist’s imagination"

Nature in Belfast

Just at the water's edge across from The Lyric Theatre, Belfast, we came across this stretch of meadow flowers at the river's edge.  The River Lagan hasn't been seen like this in years!