Collagraph Workshop Dunfermline

red road studio tries out printmaking techniques
Looking forward to a 2 day collagraph workshop at Dunfermline Printmakers.  I'm going to continue with my "Bones of the Land" theme I started with the lovely artist and tutor Kate Downie.  I feel messy work coming on but all to my benefit as it's quite a freeing experience for me.

Travel Back : Navini Island : Fiji

Starting to plan for Australia again and came across some disposable underwater camera pics we took while we were on the island of Navini.  The colours were stunning and so were the wee sharks that used to come near to the beach - argh!  So strange taking pics underwater as the waves flow and ebb and the fish wouldn't stay still.   Can you believe it! hehe  The island is so small I can't get it on the location map on blogger, but what a once in a lifetime trip.  I wonder how many other people come across photographs they took that they have forgotten about.  There's something to be said about getting them printed.


Winter walk in the rain but finding lovely texture and pattern forming in nature.

'Bones of the Land' Masterclass Day 2 : Gesso

Ink vs Gesso
It was really interesting to see the qualities of Chinese ink on paper against Gesso with board.  Sanding, scratching - almost carving into the board with gesso and then applying ink liberally before wiping off with lots of clean rags to reveal the collection of Ash trees I focused on from some initial quick doodles done outside.  Kate was really interesting and we got an insight into how Chinese artists work using confident, controlled use of the brush and ink. The handles of the brushes were lovely.

'Bones of the Land' Masterclass Day 2

Kate's full of life, encouragement and support!  Now working with big sweeps of line and more brush work with Chinese ink.   Great stuff for a girl who's best friend is a 0.25 fine liner pen LOL!  Gesso demo later .....