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Slovakian born Mira aka RitaReverie is now a UK based mixed media designer - a bit of a day-dreamer, fascinated - among other amazing things - by colours, touch, archaic language and imagined "biographic" stories of old books. She moved to London recently, to an exciting neighbourhood full of vintage shops and markets! Living literaly next to "the source" she realises NOW is the time for merging her big passions: recycling, art and old books and her original aim was to educate or spur people's imagination.  So a huge thank you to Mira for answering these questions and wish her all the best for her creative future - wherever it may lead her!

Give me the names of 3 objects or things you dislike most and why
Hard question! Usually I try to think about things I like as I feel that life is too short for filling it up with thoughts about things that I dislike. But one thing came to my mind immediately: moving homes. Uaaaaa..... just the idea of packing boxes with all my belongings really annoys me. Within the last 5 years I've lived in 4 cities/countries - Bratislava, Dublin, Barcelona and London!! And I think one more local move is coming. In a way I am getting used to these big change (there is an old saying in Slovakia: "man can get used even to a gallows-tree" haha), but I'd love to find a permanent home (with a big studio ...where I could do much larger paintings)
Tell me about something you've achieved
Last few years I feel that my biggest achievement was the realisation of the importance of art for my happiness, fulfillment and my life as such. After that quitting a stable job, moving to another country, enrolling art college, working hard in the office just to pay the bills and sweating in the studios to pass the terms was really demanding ...but easy! I think once we know what is really important for us, or perhaps what we live for, we will find some secret energy sources and ways to reach our goals. Well, I'm on my way still... but it's lot of fun!!! Another achievement which energizes me in my work is when I learn that I made somebody laugh with my creations.
What’s your ideal working day.
A day when I can lose the track of time and fully focus on the creation. Once there is no time pressure ideas come to my mind, paintings (or photographs, drawings, digital graphics) start appearing and one is inspired with the other.
Who influences you creatively.
Maybe this is a bit weird to say ...even in the art college we had to "get creatively inspired by 2 - 4 chosen artists" for most of the projects we were working on... but most of all I like to be inspired only by myself. My own thoughts, ideas, jokes, problems, aesthetic feelings, doubts, impressions I get of people, situations and places... I like doing things differently to anybody else. I know this is probably not possible, as they say everything has already been done before. But I still try not to get influenced. I love to look at what other artists and people do, but I make my stuff my way :)
Do you work with the music on/off - what's your routine
When thinking - music off. When playing without thinking or making things which have already been thought through - music on. My routine also is eating a lot before I start working. It's funny: I prepare my paints ...and suddenly feel hungry as a wolf, so I have to go and eat first! (pity that acrylics dry so fast!) It's actually a good survival mechanism, because once I paint I forget to take breaks so at least I haven't died of starvation at my palette yet.

Do you like to shop
Yes!!! And I feel guilty about it somehow... perhaps because I am so often on the move and know how hard it is to get rid of my lovely things, but even harder to pack them all and transport them!

Where would you go in the world for inspiration
To my head and my heart.
What would you like to develop further or learn to do
I would like to develop the ability to work in large scale, learn to loosen up more with the paint, even be more abstract perhaps. And experiment with more materials.
Who do you think I should interview next
my lovely customer Cat who seems to be a true artist at heart, is funny, and makes amazing ceramics
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