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Etsy Treasury

Thank you Jonathan (aka Grainyman) for this powerful treasury and including me!

Found on Folksy

Inspiration and Creativi-tea!  Fancy a Jammy Dodger with your cuppa - head off to FoundOnFolksy blog to look at the latest treats - this lovely tin can teapot is by Rebecca Sims.

What is Craft

Excellent piece in the V & A website about defining what is craft from key figures in the industry at all levels - well worth a read!  Here's a little taste below from Edmund de Waal - Practitioner.

'Craft is a starting place, a set of possibilities.  It avoids absolutes, certainties, over-robust definitions, solace.  It offers places, interstices, where objects and people meet.  It is unstable, contingent.  It is about experience.  It is about desire.  It can be beautiful.'

Found on Folksy : Inspiration

My first blog for FoF!!  Thanks to Kirsten for inviting me and I look forward to getting to know the team!  I'm delighted to have been asked!  A brief intro on 'inspiration'.
Dee - the creator of this great piece of work mentioned that if you want to know how to make the bike theme decoupage piece I featured,  she have a free tutorial blog that shows a step-by-step picture and word tutorial on how to decoupage (as well as many other cool projects).  FoF Link

Creative Interviews : Hazel Terry

I'm on home ground this week with a very special friend and it's been such a privilege to know Hazel. She's an artist and an art educator, passionate about all aspects of art, craft and design. Hazel loves finding treasure and magic and sharing the creativity and inventiveness of wonderful artists and makers in her amazing The Art Room Plant blog.  I've managed to tie her down to get these answers from her!!
How would you describe yourself in five words workaholic, scatty, kind, patient, happy

How would your friends describe you Mad, Wild, Hairy, Scarey, Crazy
Give me the names of 3 objects or things you dislike most and why Rubbish, I cannot stand rubbish and how the problem of people littering seems to be growing exponentially.

Polystyrene, I wish it and other non biodegradable human products could be uninvented, and in this I include nuclear products.

Inconsiderate or unkind treatment of people, animals, plants and the planet.
Tell me about something you've achieved I…

Etsy Treasury

Thanks so much Natalia for including me!!

Cecilia Levy


Katsuyo Aoki

Currently, Katsuyo use ceramics in his method of expression, incorporating various decorative styles, patterns, and symbolic forms as his principal axis in creating works.

Etsy Treasury Feature

Thanks so much for including my work 'bayahta' - I don't even know your name!

Etsy Treasury Feature

Thanks so much Anna for featuring my work!!!! Much appreciated!  Anna's Shop

Creative Interviews : Timor Cohen aka Timohandmade

By coincidence I'm in Israel again chatting with Timor Cohen who's 31 and lives in Jaffa, Israel. It’s a port city and the port itself is a only a few minutes walk from her house. She studied painting in a master class in Israel and Italy.

Her home is also her studio, and is now her main source of livelihood, though she sometimes does some design work for others and still manages to teach painting one day a week. Ok Timor, over to you with your answers ...
How would you describe yourself in five words Open Curious Moody Routine-less Creative
Give me the names of 3 objects or things you dislike most and why
1. Bananas (it's obvious why)
2. Bureaucracy (paperwork, bills, numbers, binders and reports do not do me any good)
3. Intolerance, unnecessary suffering
Tell me about something you've achieved Upon reading this question, two answers immediately came to mind:
I have ADHD, and while it has many positive aspects, one of the negative ones was difficulty reading and wri…

awoodentree : aka Kirsty Anderson

Well done Kirsty - great to see you featured in the books!! awoodentree

Etienne Cliquet

You have to go and watch this!  I'm not so technical that I can put the video on my blog but I do have the link!  Since 2004, Etienne's research has focused onto the practice of origami and the technologies. He tries to develop an analogy between the fragility of folding, the versatility of Internet and the precariousness of our work and life in the contemporary world. I just love it!  flotilla

Etsy Treasury

Thanks so much for featuring me Elsa and Louise!