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I'm delighted to say that American artist Sylvia Ji kindly accepted my interview request this week. As an excerpt from her bio reads "Make no mistake – Sylvia Ji is the real deal: an artist of genuine, sometimes brutal, sincerity in a world of swirling uncertainty and constant change. Yet, she does more than consistently adjust to the change that life brings, she thrives on it; taking life as it is, content to simply “be”. Using the simplest of materials to create her work….she would say “letting it magically happen”... the results obliterate the antiquated lines between ostensibly “high brow” and “low brow” art."
A huge thank you to Sylvia for taking the time in her busy busy life and here it is -

Describe yourself in five words!! Creative, lover, loner, eccentric, zen
Any new adventures for 2011

I'm dedicating this year to growing and evolving my work, which in perspective can kind of be an adventure. No traveling planned this year, but i'm a bit impulsive so I may just take-off to some random city.
What works really well for you and did it take some time for you to get there

In terms of medium, I find acrylic works the best for me. I started out painting with oils, but found under deadlines that the paintings weren't drying fast enough. It took quite a bit of time experimenting with the medium, I'm still trying to master acrylics!

Describe a perfect day for you

A perfect day is spent being productive on painting and then winding the evening down with my love.
Favourite artist/designer, music and type of food

I have so many favorite artist/designers, but at the moment i'm really into renaissance portraiture, especially artists like Holbein and Bronzio. Favorite music at the moment are Arcade Fire and The Black Keys; favorite food right now would be this one Brazillian spot near my home that i've been ordering every night the past week.
What’s Plan B

There is no plan B! The plan has always been making art, no room or time for failure!
Where would you like to be at this precise moment?

On a pristine white sand beach in Maui, Hawaii.
Who do you think I should interview next?  Brandi Milne!

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  1. Thanks again Sylvia - your work is looking really great!! Jay

  2. I really like Sylvia's work and first saw it through my friends Richard Scarry (Cory Helford Gallery) and Chippie Coates - nice interview and as usual fantastic work!

  3. Some of this work is awesome the facial make up remind me of voodoo esc quality.

  4. looks really good, looks quite scary but loads of detail has been put into the work

  5. i really like your work, there so unique !

  6. omg never saw anything like it in my life love it though

  7. your work is uniquely eye catching,it conjures up images of clowns and skeletons for me,it's brilliant!

  8. Thanks for your comment folks - really appreciated!


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