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Klimt Update

Some fun now with pattern and colours on my commission!

And it's almost there!!

Klimt Journey

I didn't think I would have started with the background first but it did help to develop the silhouette of the woman.

Homage to Klimt Commission

Something I've never done before so it was a challenge for me.  I really like Klimt's work - some say it's only decorative or superficial but his work conveys many messages.

Moma summarises Klimt as "among the many artists of his time who were inspired by sources not only within Europe but far beyond it. He lived in Vienna, a crossroads of East and West, and he drew on such sources as Byzantine art, Mycenean metalwork, Persian rugs and miniatures, the mosaics of the Ravenna churches, and Japanese screens. In this painting the woman's gold-patterned robe—drawn flat, as clothes are in Russian icons, although her skin is rounded and dimensional—has an extraordinary decorative beauty."

I made time to snap some of the process I went through to complete the work. Canvas - 4 feet long.

Finished Work

And here's the finished artwork before it gets whisked away!

All You Need is Love

A lovely commission and a chance to work with typography again!  I thought I'd record the process in these photos before I send them off.  I've never really documented anything this way so it was quite interesting for me.  I have another commission and I might do the same thing. Love really is all we need!

I'll make sure I take a pic of them on a wall so they can be seen properly.