Jay Anderson

As a Scottish designer and visual artist I love illustration, mixed media, graphic design, typography and photography. I also like to highlight inspirational artists, makers and designers through my 'creative interviews'.  So hello there!

My creative process is continually influenced by my interest in graphic design, texture, photography, fabric, typography, pattern and paper. I can get lost when working on a medium that has already has sense of form and shape, so papers, fabrics or packaging materials, for example, get altered from their original state and combined with type, print, drawing or shapes to produce a piece of work.

An important aspect of my work is intuitive with inspiration often coming from a photograph I’ve taken or references that I’ve stored in my studio for many many months until the time is right for me to use them. I bring them together to explore the abstract traces of experiences and visual thoughts I have – ever changing and varied.  I love working from sources such as mixed media, textures, lettering and imagery here at my studio in the heart of Fife, Scotland.

I graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, far too many years ago to remember. My clients have been mostly UK companies such as Marks & Spencer, Boots, Debenhams & Next etc to name a few but it’s my personal work that allows me to explore and go off on creative tangents.  Over the last 20 years I've been lucky enough to have been a childrens fashion illustrator, graphic designer, textile designer and mixed media artist.  My latest commission went to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

so, why call myself Red Road Design? Well, I had a lightbulb moment after a long bus journey to my mum's house. Wasn't sure what to call the blog and it just came to me when I started at my beginning ...... I was born on the Red Road - well, not literally LOL - in a house on the Red Road. Number 69 to be precise. And that's where my creative journey began.





Share your thoughts with me, drop by – I’d love to hear from you ... cheerio !!!!   Jay

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