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Well, I'm over in Japan to get some insight into 'Aussie Dude' (as he calls himself) Adam and his work.  I just want to thank Adam for giving me some of his valuable time to participate in my creative interviews!!  OK Adam it's over to you now:-
Why do you do what you do?

A) Im not good at doing as im told. B) I didn’t know there was a choice! When I was about 6 or 7 I was asked at school what I wanted to do when I grew up…. I said “I just wanna make cool shit!” Well ok maybe they weren’t my exact words but I like to think that if I had the vocabulary I would have used it. Anyway the meaning is the same, I like to make stuff… just cos.
Do you work in silence or music blasting or ...?

Sometimes I listen to music or the radio and sometimes I work in silence, but most often I listen to audio books, novels (horror/suspense) or currently I’m listening to lots and lots of small business and marketing e-book audios.
What's your routine before you create ?

Procrastinate! It depends on if I’m creating for a client or for myself but I usually start by working on something other than the thing I’m meant to be doin… this is my reverse procrastination psychology technique. I struggle with focus so now I work on something I don’t need to work on, then find my creative brain thinking about the project I should be working on and before you know it I am procrastinating again from the thing I was working on (that I shouldn’t have been) by doing the creative thing that needs to be done… I hope that made sense to you, cos I’m confused!
Who's your favourite designer / artist / musician or song at the moment?

I have to say straight of the bat Im not a fan of the word favorite, this is because I suck at making decisions. Anyway off the top of my head and going on people I keep coming back to…

Music - Portishead, Massive Attack, The Cure, The Cat Empire, Eskimo Joe, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Morcheeba, Lamb, Snow Patrol

Artist s- Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, Thierry Mugler (fashion designer) Bill Henson (photographer) Touma (toy designer) and many more.
Chocolate or cheese?

There’s a time and a place for everything people… but both with wine

What is your PLAN B?..

I don’t have one……..But if you put a gun to my head right now… I think Id open a Taiyaki shop in Sydeny, don’t know what Taiyaki is? Google people! Its delicious!  Or maybe I'll become a deck hand or a window washer or ummm I dunno know, I just don’t want to die!” put the gun down please! Please!!!
What have you learned about being a creative?

Creativity is an innate skill everyone has… its only how we use that skill that differs between us. Creative thinking wins the race people… it will solve your kitchen storage problems, help you decide what to do with your hair, how to cheat the tax man and how to build your own business. By the way Im not suggesting or condoning, cheating the tax man, not publicly anyway… but a good creative tax accountant is always a good idea.
Who do you think I should interview next?

My first choice would have been Mimilove but since this came my way via her awesomeness…

Beefranck - Etsy- Flickr-

HelloAgainMonsters - Etsy-
Any advice for Ziggy

Fly be free, do what you do and kick ass at it, and never never ever give up!!! Oh and don’t put tomato sauce (ketchup) on your salad, its gross

Thanks Jay once again. Have a kick ass awesome day!!! Adam

Note from Adam - Read my blog its fun! or better yet visit my shop and send me money for cool stuff, its also fun!!! ;)



  1. YAY!! I cannot express how much I love Ad and his magnificent creations, so thrilled you interviewed his awesome, bad-ass self!! x;0)


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