Lisa Kokin Interview

This week's interview is over in the USA with Lisa and her amazing work. Thank you once again for taking the time to answer these Lisa.

Describe yourself in five words!   I’m too complicated to narrow it down to five.
Where does your inspiration come from

From the woods around my house, the books I find at the local recycling center, the news…

In your portfolio what are you most happy with

My current work using self-help books, the button pieces, my books in general
What’s your ideal working day

When I don’t have other commitments and can work for hours at a time. That’s rare these days as I am doing a lot of teaching and mentoring in my studio, which also feeds my creative spirit.

Who influences you creatively

My partner Lia who is a multi-talented graphic designer and photographer and with whom I collaborate, my students, especially those in my critique groups, the elders I teach in skilled nursing facilities, “outsider” artists such as James Castle and other contemporary artists such as Annette Messager, Doris Salcedo, Lance Letscher and many others.

Where’s your favourite place to work

In my newly-built fabulous studio under the oak trees.
How is work for you at the moment

I’m getting ready to hang a solo show, Panacea Plus, at the Donna Seager Gallery in San Rafael, California. Catalog available at I’m putting the finishing touches on my work. I’ve had a very creative year with lots of ideas and my work has gone through yet another change which I like, this time it looks rather horticultural which I think has to do with our recent move to a woodsy locale. I like for my work to always change and evolve while still looking like it was made by me.

I’ve expanded my teaching in the studio to include critique groups, mentorships and monthly workshops on specific subjects like collage, altered books and book sculptures. I love having people come over to the studio and make work; it gets my creative juices flowing and I love helping people find their creative voice.
Any advice for Ziggy

Eat more carrots. They are very good for you.  Chico, Cha Cha and Chula, my Chihuahua studio assistants love them as well.

Who should I interview next

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