Sandra Dieckmann Interview

I'm down in England meeting great and interesting artisans.  Have been chatting to Sandra Dieckmann and finding out about the person behind the amazing work. As always, a great big thank you for taking the time to answer these questions Sandra. I really do enjoy finding out about the person behind the work!

Describe yourself in five words!! (I just asked my best friends to do that!)

Extrovert Enthusiastic Relentless Very Loyal Honest / Open (they also didn't want to leave out bubbly, fun, friendly, beautiful, striking ....arrrghh ...too much already!)
Where does your inspiration come from

From everything around me. The green trees, the flowers that are out now, the streets, peoples faces, the sky and London life. Rubbish on the floor and stains on the asphalt, things that no one else has time to look at any more.

Then there is my love and my cat Little Crumb and my friends and other creatives that I’m connected to.

Anything by David Attenborough. Nature books and google images searches for animals! Touching and watching animals and the natural world. Bus dreaming! Music! I think that is only the beginning! These questions are not fair you don't want to read 10 000 words! Tell me what I missed.

In your portfolio what are you most happy with

I think I'm never happy with anything. I'm really excited while having the idea and creating a piece but as soon as it is published it's forgotten and I think about another million things. If I had to choose it would probably be the Wolf face I use in my logo or the Panda bear I created for mine and Jamie Mills Endangered Animals series.
What’s your ideal working day

A clear, bright happy mind. Fresh fruit and coffee and a bit of time out while a friend comes to visit. The days when the ideas flow and I'm feeling on top of the world and my workspace is relatively tidy for a change!

What’s your PLAN B

There is no plan B. I know I'll be ok anyway it goes. Optimism please!
What’s next in the pipeline for you

I'm working for someone (don't want to say yet) which is amazing. There is quite a few interviews, some front covers and upcoming commissions and I have tons of plans.

I write a new list every day and it is just getting longer and longer. I'm just way to excitable!
Apart from that I'm really enjoying running my three illustration projects: Haus Stories and If I Was You and the new Creature Curiosity project. All are currently open for submissions.

If you could be any animal what would you be

A bear or a wolf. They are just too beautiful for words but I do love ALL animals ;D
Any advice for Ziggy

Always smile while hopping and keep your ears stiff and upright. Stay away from the fox and the farmers. Keep away from rabbit pie and dirty rabbits with Myxomatosis.
Who should I interview next

Jamie Mills @JamieMilk. He is absolutely brilliant! I'm working with him on our Endangered Animals Collaboration. You can view some of our images here already:
For further information about Sandra:-


  1. Beautiful work, imaginative, original and always a mindblow to see. Fab to have an insight into the artist

    1. I agree Fee, she's a great artist and illustrator!!! Thanks for the lovely comment!


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