Shirley-Anne Murdoch Interview

I'm home grown this week with Scottish designer and visual artist Shirley. I just want to thank her for taking the time to complete this and sharing her amazing work with me. And here's Shirley's responses:-
How would you describe yourself in five words!

Only five? Obsessive. Compulsive. Intuitive. Pragmatic. Manic. I think!

Give me the names of 3 objects or things you dislike most and why.

Meringues- because this wee diabetic body just loves and wants the best of them!
Arrogance- particularly the ‘know it all’ closed mind variety- simply because it limits the real potential to develop and evolve.
Misogyny- for so many humanistic reasons. It disturbs me that it is still so embedded and prevalent despite so called progress.
Little Sumo
Tell me about something you've achieved?

I’m feeling very energised and happy with achievements so far in setting up Artichange, a community group aiming to visually regenerate my hometown area - and the impact of its first realisation called The Shale People Project - with four contemporary works of art in place brightening up the community and its environments. My involvement as creative instigator, project coordinator and contributing artist has been very positive - and there’s a feeling that this in only the beginning of something very positive.

Made By The Shale People
What’s your ideal working day.

I’d love to say a ‘non’ working day- but my reality is there is no such thing! Days working collaboratively with Wendy Walker are pretty special. Wake around eight, chat and plan our day over coffee and breakfast whilst we catch the morning news, a leisurely bubbly bath, set up the work space, and then - go! Stop the chaos for a quick lunch, and then - go again. Music filled creative sessions with much philosophical debates interspersed with many mini-critiques of our works as they develop. Laughter. More tea and biscuits - then go again. Clean up around seven as we evaluate our daily produce and make promises for the next session. Perfect.
Kurt Schwitters
Who influences you creatively.

Oh! Difficult one this. I’d always say Kurt Schwitters for his inspirational work across a wide range of art forms. Working in design education inspires me- my mind spins with concepts and potentials whilst working with student projects- the research they unearth often sets me off on my own tangents. I admire many diverse creatives who all influence me on so many levels- just too many to name, but the collage/mixed media artists from the Dada and Constructivist Movements still get my heart racing.
Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time
Are you usually late, early or right on time?

Aim to be right on time- but often early just to make sure!
Temple Of Fire
Do you like to shop?

Yes - but hate ever having to shop in the ‘Churches of Capitalism’- those quagmires of branded goods. Love online trawls, lively junk markets and the discovery of wee lanes of specialist shops found on holidays.

Where would you go in the world for inspiration.

Anywhere that has both beaches with rich pickings and urban junkyards with rich pickings! I find inspiration equally in natural beauty, busy city streets and interestingly unique people met on the way through life.
If you could be any animal what would you be.

Apart from my cat when it’s tuna day, I think I’d have to be a dolphin swimming around with the family in warm waters.

Any advice for Ziggy

Believe in yourself and remember that you’ve only got one shot at life!

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