Eva Juliet Atelier Interview

I'm over in Canada for my very first New Year Creative Interview meeting the wonderful Eva Juliet.  Have been chatting and finding out about the person behind the amazing work. As always, a great big thank you to Eva Juliet for taking the time to answer these questions. I really do enjoy finding out about the person behind the work.

How would you describe yourself in five words!!
feather . whisper . breeze . cream . peace

Are you a full time creative or do you have another job
I worked as an art director for a few magazines and, in last October, for my birthday gift, I decided to quit my job and give more time to the thing I love the most: Eva Juliet Atelier.

Tell me about something that inspires you
There is plenty of things that inspire me, but I think my mother is my biggest inspiration. She is such a creative person. She is unique and she is willing to assume her uniqueness, which I think it’s not easy for everybody. It’s easier to follow the trend, to decorate our home with the “colors of the year”, to wear the latest fashion clothes, etc. But my mother follows her own trends, her environment is the reflect of what her heart dictates. And that is why she is so unique.
What’s your ideal working day
I like to start the day early, when the morning light fill my little white studio. I listen the quiet daybreak or I put some smooth music, I make some tea or coffee, then I am like a kid in a big sand box. There is so many possibilities. I can do painting, photography or working on the computer. The ideal working day ends with a creative result that I am satisfied with which is not always the case but the journey is always fun.
Coffee or chocolate?
Do I really have to make a choice? What about a Moccacino with a beautiful white mousse on top! : )
What season do you like best and why
Fall and Spring, when it’s not too cold and not too hot and the light is so special.
Where would you go in the world for inspiration
Scandinavia. I think the region is really poetic and the design, so pure.
Who’s your favourite artist, designer or maker
Oooh that is a tough one. There is so many talented artists!! I discover a new favourite one each week. So I would say my favourite artist this week is Caroline Swift. I really love her work, especially those little ceramic bowls as fine as petals and those beautiful spoons.

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