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Steven Rodrig, originally born in Havana, Cuba, describes himself as an inventive and environmentally conscious artist. He’s always been fascinated in experimenting with unconventional materials to create art. His imagination and innate technical process evolved while studying mechanical structure at his NY school.

Steven’s innovative sculpture, which he refers to as “PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Mixed Media”, is created from recycling and restructuring circuit and electronic parts. His subjects range from insects, flowers and still life to intricate cityscapes.   New York is his base.

It's a very unique art form and one that I had little knowledge of so I was delighted when Steven accepted my invitation to get involved with my 'creative interviews' series and a great big thank you to him for contributing!

Describe yourself in five words and how would your friends describe you (in five)!! 
Myself: unique innovative resourceful artistic obsure
Others: precise creative decisive calibrate odd
Data Head
How has work and this year been for you – anything new on the boil for 2012 
Now that I have conquered the human head shape in my RONIX sculpture, I plan on expanding on that. I need to be the first to create a female torso. 
What do you love most about what you do and is there a down side 
I love that whatever I create is the first of its kind since no other artist has attempted my approach to PCB sculpting (yet). So far no down side other than the predicable cuts and scrapes

In your portfolio what are you most happy with
Apocalyptic Data Hunter : RONIX is my crowning achievement.  It broke new ground on how to approach the human form using PCBs

Organic Data Transfer
What’s your perfect working day like 
Finding the perfect computer PCB board in the dumpster and not running out of coffee through the day.

Who influences you creatively 
There is an artist that I admire for his creativity, his name is Kris Kuksi. I had the opportunity to meet him and give him one of my early Data Books. His work is amazing and inspirational.
Have you ever or do you have a PLAN B
If I don't make it as the world's best PCB sculpture, I plan on working at McDonalds, this way I can work at the fry station and eat them all day long. 
Where’s your own favorite place to work and why 
In my living room, I don't have a studio (yet), has a TV, radio and close the Loo
How much time do you or can you give to make a piece of work 
I have spent as little as 1 week as much as 7 months. The process really depends on the right PCB, I could settle for any PCB, but then I could not look at the piece knowing that I didn't make it perfect.
Kris Kuksi
Who do you think I should interview next 
I really think you should see Kris Kuksi's work and interview him, I know you'll be impressed.

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