Tile Tuesday : UK

Lovely UK makers and designers' work -

Top Left - Paulofnavarone

Middle Left - Flyingcheesetoastie

Bottom Left - Cutcopypaste

Top Right - Littlebirdesigns

Middle Right - LifeCovers

Bottom Right - ACrookedSixpence


  1. thank you for inc me in your lovely selection.
    am a big fan of Paulofnavarone and have recently discovered flyingcheesetoastie, whose name, as well as work i like.
    and acrookedsixpence is making me want to cosy down with a good book!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! There are so many wonderful people out there! Appreciate your comment! Jay

  3. i love this collection. so many talented people, and to be included is an honour. i'm off to take a look.
    karen x

  4. Cheers Karen - love getting comments! Specially nice ones LOL! Jay

  5. Oh, I love the little splash of red!

  6. Thanks Cari - it just lifts blck and white doesn't it! cheers Jay

  7. Loving that squid! Thanks for popping over to my blog and yay! you now have 56!

  8. WOOHOO! Thank you V - much appreciated and thanks for popping by! Lovely to meet you Jay


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