Creative Interview : Viv Sliwka aka Hen's Teeth

I'm delighted that Viv has given up some of her time to answer my questions. Viv's work is made using collections of vintage fabrics from Europe and USA, haberdashery and paper ephemera, that she has personally collected from many sources, over the years.  I've enjoyed Viv's work for such a long time so I've been looking forward to finding out a wee bit more about about her.  Let's get started ..

Describe yourself in five words and how would your friends describe you
Me - Obsessive, Impulsive, Creative, Loving, Emotional
My friends - Arty farty, Likes a giggle, Means well, Loves coffee and wine, Loves dogs

Pin Cushion
How has this year has been for you  – and anything new on the boil for 2013
This year creatively, has been fantastic. I finally worked up the courage to teach my own Workshops and I am so glad I did, as they have been such a pleasure to do. I also had the pleasure of having a stand at Selvedge Spring Fair, London. For 2013, I hope to teach more Workshops here in the UK and maybe abroad.
What do you love most about what you do and is there a down side
What I love most about what I do, is getting that excitement deep down in the pit of your stomach when you are inspired. You know, that feeling when you can’t wait to get started and enjoy every minute of the making process. The only downside, for me, is that I spend far too much time on the computer, staring at Pinterest etc.
In your portfolio what are you most happy with
In my portfolio, I am most happy with my Envelope Artworks. I thoroughly enjoy hunting for old envelopes and then creating a paper/textile collage with them, adding embroidery and paint details…love every minute of working these.
What’s your ideal working day like
My ideal day, is to not have to go out and I have the entire day and evening to work.
She Loves Her Dog
What do you do if you ever get a creative block
I get a creative block regularly, but I have learnt to just keep at it and work through it. Sometimes tidying my workplace or looking at art can help get my mojo back.

Who influences you creatively
My influences are without question Julie Arkell, Jayne Lennard neither of whom have their own web presence. Another wonderfully creative being is Janet Boulton … I adore her work. The understated charm of her textile work is a pleasure to see.
Julie Arkell : Tippy
Jayne Lennard : Princess And The Pea
Janet Boulton : Red Dresses
Have you ever had or do you have a PLAN B.    No Plan B.
Where’s your own favourite place to work and why
My favourite place to work is my own studio. I am lucky enough to have a designated studio. It’s quiet, it looks out over my garden, everything in here is mine, all my ‘stuff’ influences my work and I love it.
Doggy Love
What's your creative routine as you begin a new piece of work
I have no creative routine…I am a creative butterfly, flitting from one completed project to the other but with no system whatsoever.
Would you like to learn anything new and what would it be
I would love to take Pottery classes. I adore studio pottery and would be very happy making vessels.

Who do you think I should interview next
Murgatroyd Hoots… I adore her quirky bunny and animal/bird makes.
Murgatroyd Hoots
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