Panda With Roses Triptych Illustration

Panda With Roses
Just hung them up on the studio wall to see how they looked.  As a kid's wear designer I was asked to come up with some garments for panda playsuits and at the time I remember thinking what if it was reversed and the pandas wore the playsuits! Well the idea has eventually made it mixed in with a tattoo theme - go figure!!!

These are all A3 fine line pen drawings so I hope to have them as limited edition prints A4, possibly A3.  I have one in a range of accessories at my shop - must sort the rest out ASAP and donate some of it to the WWF fund again.


  1. I would totally wear these :3 so cute

  2. och Heather - you're a wee star!!! xxx oooh and I'm working on some now so keep checking out this link - I've got 3 to work on! Phew! Hard work.


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