World Sales Map 2014

January is my month for spring cleaning everything from my studio to reviewing my sales for the previous year and planning what's next.  It's also a time to appreciate the people who buy my work and just how far each design, piece of art or accessory reaches.  I decided to produce a wee map of the world and record where it all went.  Now that I see it, it just shows how small I am and how huge the world really is LOL.  So many countries to pin and that can be a challenge for me in 2015.

Zazzle was mostly USA sales, so that was interesting to find out as I've just been with them for about 6 months now.  My design work and art commissions went to London, Belfast, Paris, China, France, Australia, Turkey, Los Angeles and New York - WOW so grateful for this.  Thank you everyone!!


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