You must know someone who needs a bit of cheering up? Well, I have a sweet little surprise giveaway that might brighten up their day and show them someone cares or loves them.

I'm calling it my 'PERK UP POSTCARD' giveaway and every month I'll be sending an original piece of my work (approximately the size of a postcard) to the lucky winner.

This month the nominations need to be in before 27th February so I can post the artwork by the 1st March (approx).

What do you need to do?

 - Just tell me who you would like to nominate for this and why.

 - Leave the who and why (along with an email address) below this post.

 - 'Like' my Facebook page  or

 - 'Follow Me' on Instagram  or

 - 'Share' this post.  

 - Let me know if you 'liked' 'followed' 'shared' and I'll contact you if your nomination is successful.

Easy peasy .......... and good luck!


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