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Developing Ideas

It doesn't happen very often but sometimes a different way of thinking or doing will get you to the final successful result with a client!  Just a few of the ideas that were developed and I got there in the end.  I can be very stubborn sometimes and I do like a challenge.  I've never worked with sport's accessories before so delighted with the result.

Fun Banana Illustration For Accessories & Art

Sometimes you just need to have a bit of fun and I was checking out some new work of a very good student of mine and that mixed with an unsuccessful pitch to a client and some new work is born!

Spring Is Here

Hello Spring!!  And what an array of events too!  First we had the solar eclipse and amazingly for Scotland, it was a lovely bright day so I was able to watch the whole event from my back garden (all be it from the dining room window).  Then there's the supermoon.  And finally on Saturday the 21st March, it's the spring equinox.  I even considered cutting the grass today but the Scottish sun didn't last too long.  To celebrate I've used one of my vintage floral patterns to welcome warmer weather and lovely flowers starting to peek through the back garden!

Scottie Dog Plaid iPhone Cover Off to Switzerland

First sale of my Scottie Dog Pattern in blue plaid.  Thank you for being the first and the first customer from Switzerland.  What a lovely country to visit and I was lucky enough to travel there far too many years ago so I must get back.  That's also something I like about zazzle, you can find out where you customer is from.

First Wedding Sale!

Ah! My first wedding napkins sold on zazzle and they are flying off all the way to Kuwait.  The sharper amongst you will notice it says 2014 so it's a great idea that you are able to customise the napkin to suit you.  Watercolour Poppies are on their way to distant lands..... how exotic!

Modern Africa Accessory Patterns on Society6

The Modern Africa set of patterns was inspired by merging the traditional influences of pattern in Africa with modern design elements including images I worked on from the infamous Red Road flats in Glasgow.

Colours had to be strong, vibrant with turquoise, orange, red and blue mixed with black on a white background.  Powerful clean colours using abstract shapes to create very geometric shapes.  There's a full range of products in my Society6 shop including art prints, cushions and iPhone covers.

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