'Bones of the Land' Workshop Ladybank

So pleased that I went to the 2 day advanced drawing masterclass workshop with the wonderful artist Kate Downie.  'Bones of the Land' allowed us to develop printmaking, mark-making and drawing approaches in response to the surrounding Scottish countryside in winter.  Been a long time since I've developed work in a sketchbook and I attended with a bit of trepidation but I was so pleased I did go!  The whole point was to take me out of my comfort zone and for me to work with new materials and techniques.  I'll be posting pics over the next few days.


  1. Wicked! love Kate Downie, that sound like a great workshop to have done, looking forward to seeing more of what you did.

  2. She's lovely Hazel - just great to get back to basics and take a leap out of my comfort zone LOL!!! Even if it's just sketchbook work, it has taken me down a different route. x


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