Travel Back : Navini Island : Fiji

Starting to plan for Australia again and came across some disposable underwater camera pics we took while we were on the island of Navini.  The colours were stunning and so were the wee sharks that used to come near to the beach - argh!  So strange taking pics underwater as the waves flow and ebb and the fish wouldn't stay still.   Can you believe it! hehe  The island is so small I can't get it on the location map on blogger, but what a once in a lifetime trip.  I wonder how many other people come across photographs they took that they have forgotten about.  There's something to be said about getting them printed.


  1. I didn't know there are blue star fish. Must have been gorgeous there!

  2. Really strange to see just how blue they were Kathy - It was gorgeous and such a tiny island. Thanks for the comment!


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