Etsy Front Page

Great news! The Black and White Abstract Art Card has made it on to the Front Page of Etsy - thank you redtilestudio for my very first highlight on Etsy's Front Page!


  1. Well done you - What a lovely treasury! It's only very rarely I find myself gracing Etsy's front page ;-)

  2. Thanks Jane! McEtsy's on page one at the mo with over 200 views!! Thank you for being my first follower - we should open a bottle of champagne and have a perty eh!!! Jay

  3. Love the name of your blog and the design. Looks good. Hopefully I can make another FP treasury!

  4. Between us we'll take over the world LOL!

    I just wish I knew the recipe!! Thanks for your lovely comments!

    I was born on the Red Road (well, technically a house on the Red Road) and I think we both like the color red!!! : )


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