Cathy Cullis Interview

In England for this week's creative interview and meeting up with mixed media artist Cathy Cullis (I also found out that Cathy is a poet, with work published by established journals and publishers. She received an Eric Gregory award from the Society of Authors in 1996).

A great big thank you Cathy for taking the time to answer these questions and allowing me to show your amazing work. So let's start:-

Describe yourself in five words   creative intelligent sensitive caring complex
Where does your inspiration come from

I have very eclectic art taste and so over the years have explored many different eras, styles and design schools.... I particularly like visiting galleries and museums in London. Outsider art is a strand of art-making that I studied as an arts undergraduate. Folk art, childhood, collecting vintage things, poetry, dreaming...
What works really well for you and did it take some time for you to get there

Ooh good question... I think what works for me is setting myself a time slot of a few hours and giving myself just about free rein to explore something. I may, for example, have a morning devoted to stitch and see what comes about. This works much better for me than sticking to a pre-conceived plan. Working on the moment works.
What’s your ideal working day

I like working on various projects on one day. So I will explore different media and there will be a fresh approach to each. I prefer getting up and getting started, but that is not always possible as I have a family. Ideally I can work and take breaks every so often. Coming back to a piece with fresh eyes helps greatly.

Who influences you creatively

My children really inspire me and help my approach - as I will always wish to look at things with a 'child-like wonder', and never too cynically.
Have you ever or do you have a PLAN B

I don't know what plan I am working to right now but it is probably not plan A, not B, but something else that has evolved over time. So I will just hope to keep on going with the flow and wish that with good health and luck I can continue doing what I do, which is rewarding.

Where would you like to be at this precise moment?

Here. At home, I am a homebody. I would love to own my own small home but one day, one day...
How is work for you at the moment.

I've made a positive start to the year and feel optimistic. It was good to take time out during the holidays. Now I have various projects starting and feel energized.
Any advice for Ziggy

I sucked my thumb until I was 12, Ziggy, so no worries. Be Happy.


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