Hattie Stewart : Creative Interview

London based Hattie describes herself as a bit of a doodler.  An illustrator who describes her work as a rainbow in grey skies and likes to use her work for escapism so she can disappear into her own little world. And I have to agree with her explanation - a talent to watch!!  A huge great big thank you to Hattie for taking the time to answer these questions and being part of my Creative Interview series.

Describe yourself in five words and how would your friends describe you?
me: Silly, Loud, Creative, Loyal, um fun?
Friends: Vivacious, Individual, Talented, Eccentric, Passionate
What do you love most about what you do and is there a down side?
The best thing is just being able to do what I love, and for other people to enjoy it also. Down side? Plagiarism.
In your portfolio what are most happy with?
Franklin. He's a human skull I have had for years and during that time he unfortunately lost some teeth and his cranium broke into 3 pieces. Fixing him up and giving him new life was probably the most satisfying thing I have done.
What's your ideal working day?
When I have a new project to sink my teeth into and some new music to act as the soundtrack.

What's your PLAN B?
There is no Plan B. Yet anyway!?
Where's your favourite place to work?
On the floor
How is work (and this year) for you at the moment?
Awesome really. I graduated last year and so far have been very fortunate with what I've done and am currently doing. I'm just happy people are liking my work and I hope it continues!
Any advice for ziggy?   Follow your instinct

blog: hattiestewart.blogspot.com
web: hattiestewart.com


  1. I like this.. I've currently been looking for a bit of inspiration and Hattie's answers made me smile. How lovely to be able to describe your work as a rainbow in grey skies, an inspiration to anyone trying to make a living out of their creative interests :-)

  2. Thanks for your comment!! I agree - Hattie's work just makes me smile with all the lovely colour and surface decoration! We need more rainbows don't you think? Jay

  3. Hi, :)
    I found this interview really interesting and inspiring, after reading it I feel like I should be getting out my paints and creating something of my own! Thank you for introducing this great artist, I'd never heard of Hattie before now,but now that I have I'm already in love with her work!
    I really like your blog, and can't wait to see what other inspiring things and people you discover!
    xx Alyce

  4. Thanks so much Alyce - really appreciate your comments. I love looking for talented inspiring people and am also hoping to be motivated too! cheers Jay


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