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Still on the trail of UK creatives, let me introduce you to Priscilla Jones who's a prolific artist and maker dividing her time between many engagements.  Once again Priscilla, thank you so much for taking the time in your very busy schedule to let us find out about who's behind the work.
So on with the questions.
Describe yourself in five words and how would your friends describe you (in five)!!
Friends - Creative, passionate artist, brilliant friend    Me - Manic mad bunny loving collector

How is work (and this year) for you at the moment. – anything new on the boil
Yes lots of new and exciting things on the go! I recently resigned from my part time teaching post in HE which will enable me to focus more on my work and running independent workshops.

I have just been teaching at a very special workshop in Richmond at Natural Retreats Yorkshire Dales, called structure and surface: creating 3D sculptures with wax, wire, fabric, paper and found materials Beth Nicholls the organizer of the event is just amazing a very special person who had a dream of running creative retreats in the UK and I was so glad to be part of the very first one…see for more information.
This was an amazing new experience and gave me a longer contact time with a new group of creative individuals people attending the workshops from all over the world! I felt very honoured to be part of this experience. I met lots of interesting creative’s all on there own journey and this retreat has created so many really useful contacts for me with the possibility of running more workshops outside the UK

I am in the process of developing a mentoring group in the North Lancashire/South Cumbria area, this will be a more individually centred programme of workshops and tutorials, and anyone can join at any level in your practice from wanting to learn more practical techniques to developing your professional portfolio of work

I have other workshops coming up in Thirsk in May also Ribchester and Reading in July, check my web site for details
I have been selected to feature in another new book it’s a bit of a secret and I am not allowed to tell anyone yet what the book is about so will keep you posted on this one!

I am also going to have a range of rubber stamps launched in the USA later this year and a range of giclee print with a company in the North East called Jesmond Design Studio they have just launched a new retail space at Kendals in Newcastle.
I have also been offered a solo show in Spain for early next year so I will have a lot of new work to create for this…… very exciting and also showing work for the first time at the Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey in Devon in June.

What do you love most about what you do and is there a down side
The upside is being able to do what you love the most all of the time and to see your work develop and grow.

The downside is it is hard to make a living from this and you sometimes have to compromise what you do to make your work saleable. Also many galleries are suffering because of the economic climate and so selling work direct to your customers and via the web is becoming a much bigger part of your working life. Many galleries are closing or changing what they sell so I find this part of the process is more demanding of my time where as in the past I could send work to galleries and they would do all the selling for me that was a great.
In your portfolio what are you most happy with
At the moment my larger scaled work is working really well, my large pieces are 100 x 70cm and it has given me the chance to really explore scale.
What’s your ideal working day
To get some good results from whatever I am working on and be pleased with the outcome, and not have to spend a big chunk of the day on emails.
Peter Clark
Who influences you creatively
I adore Peter Clark’s collages and Elaine Pamphilon paintings.

What’s your PLAN B
I don’t think I have one, I am always trying different things to sustain a steady income but it’s hard to spread yourself so thin so I guess my plan B is not to teach so much but focuses more on my own practice and develop new ideas!
Where’s your own favourite place to work
At home in my studio, its very quite and I have all my materials at hand, we live very close to the sea so my environment is very precious to me the colours of buildings and changing light in the bay is a constant source of inspiration.

How is work (and this year) for you at the moment.
Work is great, I am loving the new scale I am working at and having more time to focus on what I am making rather thank have to spend so much time teaching.  I do want to explore new imagery too and hopefully I will have more chance to do this. I have some fantastic opportunities coming up this year and I am confident in what I’m doing, the future is looking very bright!
Any advice for Ziggy the rabbit
Make sure you have lots of kiddy kippers in the garden!

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Priscilla has been entered for an award in the Craft & Design Selected Awards 2011 To vote for her, please click the link - Follow Priscilla


  1. Beautiful work. I love the teapot! The retreat sounds amazing.

  2. It does doesn't it! I think we don't care for ourselves enough when we're being creative - balance is so important don't you think? Many thanks for the comment! Jay

  3. jay i love to be balanced lol great interiew loving the work

  4. Wouldn't we all Julie! Just need to keep on trying!


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