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Israel is my next port of call and Tali aka tushtush who's a freelance illustrator living in Tel-Aviv with her boyfriend. Tali illustrates for magazines and children's books and loves working in many techniques, taking pictures and dancing.  A great big thank you Tali for taking the time to answer these and allowing me to include your work.  And here are her answers:-

What’s your town or country like for supporting creative people
I feel like there's an art community here in Israel, but there's little support for young artists. There's little to no place here for emerging artists, and that's why I'm so grateful to Etsy for giving me the place to showcase my art to a global and receptive audience.
Describe yourself in five words
Independent, productive, friendly, joyful, creative.
Give me the names of 3 objects or things you dislike most and why
Goodbyes. Dark days (so most winter time). Cold (I'm a summer and heat kind of person).
Tell me about something you've achieved
My BA degree from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design is one of my greatest achievements.

What’s your ideal working day
A sunny day, with no time limits on my schedule (no schedule, really).
Who influences you creatively
I have illustrators that I greatly admire (like Kveta Pacovska). Creative and talented people in general are a great source of inspiration! You always want to make something hanging around people who also have a creative energy.
Are you usually late, early or right on time
I'm a punctual person. Most times I'm even a bit earlier than the appointed time and I have to wait for the person I'm meeting.

Do you like to shop  Very much, of course!:)
Where in the world would you go for inspiration
Europe is very attractive to me, with all the history and beautiful art. I'd travel Europe if I could. I went a few times already and really enjoyed those experiences.
What piece of work are you most proud of
I don't have a specific one that I prefer over the rest, but I do like some over others.
What would you like to develop further or learn to do
I feel like I am still only at the beginning of my potential, and I want to gain more experience, learn more techniques, more artists... As an illustrator especially I don't feel confident enough. I know I can do better.

Who do you think I should interview next
Naomi Shiek - She's my good friend and I found Etsy through her. I value her work greatly and think she's an excellent artist. She works in the papercutting technique.
Romantic Fashion Papercut - Naomi Shiek
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