Sorting out my Etsy shops

Japan Stream
I was letting my Etsy shops empty as I tried to work out what was best for me - Etsy doesn't like you having more than one shop and I can see why.  I managed to get 'red road design' as my shop name and have uploaded my wee pocket mirrors. Each design was taken from my original vintage textile art - the original 'Japan Stream' was sold just a few months ago.  So now I need to sort out all the paper work and let everyone know what I've done.


  1. These look great! Hope your shop does well : ) I find I'm favouring Etsy over Folksy at the moment. I day dream about a second Etsy shop for a completely different range of items but it just a day dream. I would need the ability to clone myself at will if I opened another shop lol

  2. Thanks Aileen!!! My 2 shops allowed me to procrastinate even more so I rationalised it all - not sure if it'll work as I have different works but I'll just start calling my shop eclectic! LOL x Maybe I'll get some new work done now!


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