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Welcome Kate aka alyoisiusspyker all the way from Sydney, Australia. In her Etsy bio Kate mentions that she likes to work with silkscreens, pencils, cake and very often sharp scalpels. Kate did a fashion degree but is always in jeans and sneakers. She's originally a Londoner who's getting a stronger English accent while she's living down in Sydney. It's over to Kate now ......

What’s your local area like in terms of supporting creatives
I live in Sydney, where there's a vast array of creative disciplines like any city in the world. The arts festivals are fantastic and diverse but it's very hard to find affordable studio space in the same way that it is available elsewhere. In some ways this has benefited me in terms of treating my work as a business and all that it encompasses. My support system is made up of other creatives rather than local or city wide help.
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How would you describe yourself in five words
I leave that to others.
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Give me the names of 3 objects or things you dislike most and why
Nylon, snakes and the terror that is clowns. Dear God, I hate clowns and I have no rhyme or reason why I dislike any of those things. Snakes is an especially weird one as I grew up in inner city London.

Tell me about something you've achieved
30 lengths of the pool this morning and no nap at lunch as a consequence!
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What’s your ideal working day
Breakfast and coffee in bed (made by someone else), 5 hours of thinking time, lunch with friends, swim at the pool, 4 hours of more thinking time, 2 hours of 'me' time, dinner with friends, send out an invoice and be paid immediately. Well, you did ask for 'ideal'.

Who influences you creatively.
There are so many amazing people out there it'd be hard to name names besides my fantastic husband and my mother. I can be influenced by a stranger at the bus stop from the colour of their eyes to the conversations we have. People are amazing and wonderful creatures. Most of the time.
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Are you a coffee or a tea girl
Both, especially when served with a slice of cake or a tunnocks teacake.

Where would you go in the world for inspiration
My bookshelf or the tv, especially if Miss Marple's on.
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What piece of work are you most proud of
Some of my commercial work which is yet to be published.

What would you like to develop further or learn to do
I'd like to be tidy all the time rather than shoving things in the dustbin once a month.
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Who do you think I should interview next      Lovely Emma or equally lovely Anna and Gareth
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Thanks for the great interview Kate and giving me some of your time in your busy working day! Hope it's stopped raining - last time I was there it rained torrentially for 2 solid days but that gave me a chance to go to your lovely art galleries and the big casino with the running water steps!

Kate's links:-

Work website



  1. It's stopped raining! Well, for the time being anyway! K

  2. Good! Sydney is such a lovely city! I met DR Chris Bondi vet) on a flight from Fiji to Brisbane (nice!) - Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions Kate! Jay x


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