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I'm still in Australia and have headed off to the lovely city of Melbourne this time. Honeycup is a web designer by trade and she recently had an epiphany that she needed to try and make the leap to creating my own products online, to utilise ALL her skills and talents.

Honeycup actually found out something new about herself - she loves designing her own products and she's beginning to think that she's a bit of an artist. So let's get to the questions as I say a great big thank you!
Bunny Rabbit Girl
What’s your local area like in terms of supporting creatives
Well I live in Melbourne, Australia. It's a very artsy city. We have lots of arts initiatives, and I think we have a very supportive community.

Now having said that my, 'very local area' is a very small suburb, but it still has creative initiatives. I have a local handmade shop in the next suburb and there is a craft market down just around the corner from me.

Fox and Deer
How would you describe yourself in five words
Kind, easy-going, perceptive, quick-witted and creative.

Give me the names of 3 objects or things you dislike most and why
I really dislike people cracking their bones. Aghh, sends shivers up my spine!

Bunny Bird Creature
Tell me about something you've achieved
My illustrations... I went on a quest to find something that I am good at, I think I have found that - he he!

What’s your ideal working day (I like to clean my house!)
I wish I started with cleaning the house, but cleaning is something I leave till the very end. It really depends, just like my personality, it's hard for me to stick to a routine. I need variety. Sometimes I will be writing class notes, sometimes I will be working on freelance design work, other times I will be updating my shop and orders and then some days I will decide to draw.

Deer Boy
Who influences you creatively
It's hard to say. I would say my influences in my art have definitely been from my childhood. So people like Beatrix Potter and A. A. Milne would come to mind. I am sure I am influenced by lots of creative things in my day-to-day life from books, magazines, art, galleries and so on, but it's hard for me to say what exactly influences me creatively. However, at the same time, I try and not get too wrapped up in what others are doing, so that my work really does come from within.

A A MiIne

Beatrix Potter

Fav movie - band or book and why
Book - Chris Guillebeau’s book The Art of Non-conformity. It's a book about not accepting the status quo in life and defying normal convention. If you are someone that is quite entrepreneurial then this book will be for you.
Orange Girl
Where would you go in the world for inspiration
France. I have always had dreams of living in the countryside in France.

What piece of work are you most proud of
Hmmm, it's hard to say which one I am more proud of. It changes. All of my illustrations have challenges when they are been created and so I am proud when I finish them. I think 'Bunny Girl With Circles' is my favourite, mainly because of the colour palette and she just seems so sweet!

What would you like to develop further or learn to do
I would love to master the art of coding complex websites. That's an art I have never quite understood. I hate not been able to win a challenge, but so far I haven't been able to beat it!

Bunny Rabbit
Who do you think I should interview next She's a lovely lass :)

Brilliant Trees Collective
Honeycup's contact details :-

Twitter: @nomuu


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