Creative Interviews : Cecilia Levy

Swedish artist and designer Cecilia Levy achieved an MFA in Graphic Design and went on to work as a teacher in graphic design at the College of Arts and Crafts in Gothenburg. Longing to work more by hand she studied bookbinding for a year at Leksands Folkhögskola.

Combining the professions of graphic design, bookbinding and illustration, she does commission work and is a member of the arts and crafts cooperative Kaleido in Uppsala, where her paper products are for sale.

Cecilia teaches bookbinding to art and design students in schools around Sweden. As an artist she works mainly with paper, creating 3-dimensional objects from old books or drawing in pencil or ink. Her art is exhibited in solo and group shows in Sweden and abroad. So it's a great big thank you to Cecilia for giving me some of her precious time.
What’s your local area like in terms of supporting creatives
I'm a member of an arts and crafts cooperative (Kaleido) in one of Sweden's largest cities. Twenty members run a shop and gallery in together, taking turns working there, selling our handmade products. It's great to be part of something bigger. 
How would you describe yourself in five words 
curious, accurate, adaptable, responsive, humble

Give me the names of 3 objects or things you dislike most and why 
• gadgets/toys that come with childrens meals/magazines – I don't approve of advertising directed at children
• cheap bad quality products made to break. To think that somebody, somewhere in the world, is actually designing and manufacturing something intended not to hold...
• golf, water scooter (i.e. jet ski) and such egoistical “sports”. Devastation of nature and marine life.
Tell me about something you've achieved 
Being a parent.

What’s your ideal working day.
Wake up at 6.15. Breakfast with husband Mattias and our two daughters, Olivia and Rosa (15 and 12 yrs old). The girls go off to school and Mattias and I go for a long brisk walk in the woods with our dog, cairn terrier Asta. We then have tea and biscuits, and after that my workday begins. I'm a slow starter...
Who influences you creatively. 
The web is my main source of inspiration, can't mention one specific person.

Are you usually late, early or right on time
Black Ball
Do you like to shop 
Yes and no. I love second hand, vintage and thrift shops. Handmade products and good quality. But I don't like excessive consumption – the 'shop til you drop' mentality.

Where would you go in the world for inspiration 
What piece of work are you most proud of
I'm rather proud of my paper objects.

Close - up detail
What would you like to develop further or learn to do
Learn more about paper and explore it's possibilities.

Who do you think I should interview next 
I'd love to read about these paper artists:
Mary Button Durrell - USA
Cindy Ferguson - USA
Kylie Stillman - Australia
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