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I'm over in Gainesville, GA, USA for this lovely interview with Rachel.  In her bio she explains that her artwork resides between emptiness and definition - a place that is debatable. A shape possesses the character to be something specific to one person, and something completely different to another depending on the experiences they hold from their life. This encourage discourse - facilitating storytelling and a sense of community.

Rachel focused her concentration towards Scientific Illustration; however, she made a conscious move to abstraction. Her work is still based on the scientific - cellular structures, anatomical imagery, and natural forms. I think you can see this in her work below.  
Abstract Embroidery
Describe yourself in five words and how would your friends describe you (in five)!!
Me - Observant, thoughtful, creative, steadfast, dependable
Friends - Intelligent, thoughtful, creative, reflective, personable

How has work and been for you this year – anything new on the boil for 2012.
I had a large solo exhibit for emerging artists at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center in April that was really meaningful to me. My great grandfather started the center long ago as a place for the local art club to meet, exhibit artwork, and increase community involvement with the arts. I feel as if I am continuing in his legacy.

Recently, I signed a licensing agreement with a company, and am anxious to get that started.

Mixed Media Embroidery
For 2012, I’m curating and showing in an exhibit in February that features artwork of trees. Then my focus will be on applying to more galleries and shops in my area to expand the business. My goal is to transition to artwork full time.

What do you love most about what you do and is there a down side
I love creating and putting things together from seemingly disparate elements, seeing how they fit together best. When people see my artwork, I love to hear their feedback, and see what they think the painting is about. Part of my artwork is about encouraging creativity, community, and sharing with one another.

Downside - Starting out, not making as much steady money as a 9-5 job. Also, artmaking takes a lot of time, and people generally take that for granted with being used to buying cheap imported machine made stuff.

What are you most happy with in your portfolio
Suspension, Shuttlecock, Macrophage, and Nephesh
What’s your ideal working day like
I haven't had very many of these, so this is what I would love to do - Get up early, work up until lunch, walk downtown to eat, come back and work until night, and put "work" stuff away to relax. Be able to accomplish a lot, but not feel rushed like I have to be somewhere else soon. I want to be relaxed, more in the moment, and able to wander naturally.
Landscape Embroidery
3 items you love or hate
LOVE – books, knitted blanket my grandmother made for me, sketchbook and cover by Lolita from DailyThreads

Would you like to learn anything new

I love learning all sorts of things. I have so many interests, I feel like I should try to focus on one style. However, I would love to start using encaustic in my work.
Abstract Painting
Where’s your own favourite place to work and why
With my crazy schedule, I love working on smaller pieces that I can draw out or start as paintings, and then go more in depth with layering abstract embroidery. I can take the sewing portions anywhere with me in my bag, whether that be downstairs to a comfy chair, bouldering in the woods with my family, or out and about the city. Being portable makes it easier to find time to work on them, since they take so long.
Abstract Art Weaving
How much time do you or can you give to making a piece of work
I work for my husband’s tree care company, Global Tree Preservation, and another company full time in addition to my artwork, so my time is broken up more than I would like. I won’t sacrifice quality to quantity though. Right now, my smaller abstract embroidery works are spanning between 1 hour and 8 hours on a piece.

Who do you think I should interview next - Heather McCaw

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Thanks so much for giving me some of your time Rachel, it's been really interesting finding out about who's behind the work that I discovered!  Wishing you lots of success for 2012 and your future!

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