Suzanna Scott aka sushipot : Creative Interview

Continuing in the USA I'm delighted that Suzanna accepted my interview request as I have long admired her work and her shop - she has such a 'good eye'!!! She is an artist living and working from her home studio in the "Little Apple" (aka Manhattan, Kansas). She creates and collects art objects, is a homeschooling mum and wife to a PhD student.  I just want to wish Suzanna lots of great adventures in 2012 and beyond and to thank her for her time in answering these questions.

What's new for you in 2012 - do you have any new adventures
More assemblage, more collage. Possibly a new haircut? Still deciding on that one.

Doll House 360
What do you love most about what you do and is there a down side
The best thing about working as an artist from my home studio is that I get to create something every day. The downside is the dust bunnies and dirty dishes that love to distract me.

What are you most happy with in your portfolio
Some of my favorite pieces come from my Bricolage Series. I'm partial to the Doll Houses too.
Doll House #373

What’s your ideal working day like
One where I get to sleep in and work late. A bit of sunshine doesn't hurt either.

Name three things that you really love OR you can't stand
I love…coffee, my iPhone and fresh vegetables.
Vignette No 2
Music on or off while you work and do you go through a routine before you are about to create
Music off, recorded books on! No routine. Just work!!

Have you ever or do you have a PLAN B
bricolage no 1
Where’s your own favourite place to work and why
My studio 'cuz it's cozy and full of objects that inspire me.

Altered Wall Art
How much time do you or can you give to make a piece of work
Anywhere from minutes to weeks.

Who do you think I should interview next
Jo and Dylan at Cart Before The Horse
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